Why Hire a Real Estate Attorney Before Selling Your Home?

When thinking about selling real estate, you need a real estate attorney to protect your financial interests.

The real estate attorneys at GM have the skill and knowledge to advise you on a wide range of issues and situations that might surface as you sell your property. Whether you are selling a home or a condominium, the award-winning team of Massachusetts real estate attorneys at GM knows what it takes to ensure a successful transaction.

Our attorneys will review listing agreements with real estate agents, draft and negotiate purchase and sales agreements, negotiate conditions and financing contingencies with the buyer's attorney, and examine the myriad of legal documents that accompany every real estate sale to ensure that all pitfalls are avoided.

Problems when selling a home can range from preparing a new deed to helping to clearing up title defects. Thanks to our unmatched experience representing thousands of sellers in Massachusetts, our real estate attorneys are adept at handling both the expected and unexpected problems that accompany any home or condominium sale. Our expert Massachusetts real estate attorneys provide solutions that allow even the most difficult transactions to be successfully carried out.

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